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We Make Slot Machine Sounds

When we created this asset package our goal was to give video game developers, of all sizes, easier access to quality sound effects. Wether you are a student creating your first video game in college or university, or you’re a team of developers eagerly trying to ship your title – we’ve got you covered.

Not only do our slot machine sounds cover multiple slot machine types and themes, but you’ll receive every sound you’ll need to make your game sound awesome – immediately. Working with a sound designer one-on-one can be expensive and time consuming, and going to various websites trying to piece together individual slot machine sound effects you need is daunting. We know how valuable and important your time is, that’s why we created this perfect package for you.

When you walk into a Las Vegas casino what’s the first thing you hear? The slots chiming away. There’s a Psychological reason for that – people love to hear other people winning and the sweet sounds of a major scale (for those not too familiar with music harmony, it’s the “happiest” scale you can play on an instrument). Don’t miss the opportunity to also leverage audio to make your game stand out. These are the audio hooks that keep players playing on their device, these are the sounds of the casino floor in their home or office. In our kit we’ve included the basics, like slot machine level pull sounds, coin payout sounds, user interface sounds, but what will set your game apart is everything else that makes you feel like you’re in a casino.

You’re not alone in this battle. We’re here to help you get your slot machine sounding good. If you have any implementation questions, suggestions, or anything else, reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to help.